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Search for Love


A For Love Novel - 4

Historical Romance


It still bothers Inspector David Mills that they never found Jack the Ripper and now London is plagued with a copycat killer. Only this time, the murderer isn’t butchering prostitutes in the London slums, but ladies in the parlors of the highest in society. This killer is leaving clues and witnesses, but David is only coming up with dead ends. 

Charity Pruitt met Inspector Mills the year before, when he helped rescue the Viscountess of Dorchester from her deranged uncle. The young Inspector was skeptical of the hypnosis techniques she had used on the viscountess to help her overcome the trauma, and though he was quite handsome, his cynicism had left her indifferent.

But now he needs her help. The few witnesses to the crimes of London’s ‘Lady Ripper Killer’ are too traumatized by what they had seen to provide any clues to the killer’s identity. Only Charity’s talent for hypnosis can help unlock the mystery and stop the killer before he strikes again. 

But their close proximity sparks an attraction neither of them had expected. As they begin to unravel the copycat’s identity, the killer turns his sights on Charity and David must do everything he can to protect her.

Lost for Love


A For Love Novel - 5

Historical Romance


The Marquess of Scarborough decides to visit America and brings along his extended family. US Marshal Jack Wilson, who was a guest of the marquess as he helped Scotland Yard stop London’s Lady Ripper Killer the year before, is tasked as their escort as they travel across the country. 

Kirsty, youthful and a bit snobbish, is offended by the young marshal’s brash and uncivilized nature. He openly flirts with her, stealing kisses in ways no English gentleman would dare try. Even though he is quite handsome, in Kirsty’s eyes, he is horribly unpolished, and in her haughtiness, doesn’t listen to his advice. 

While touring Yellowstone National Park, her arrogance proves costly when she stumbles near a cliff’s edge. Jack catches her but they’re both pulled over the edge into the river below. They are swept downstream, and become lost in Yellowstone’s vast wilderness. Kirsty's pride is replaced with fear and though Jack finds it amusing that she learned a lesson in humility, he doesn't want to admit that he's scared too. 

Jack’s uncivilized nature becomes the key to saving them and Kirsty is shamed of her earlier opinion of him. They survive the perils of the wild, Wyoming wilderness and manage to reunite with Kirsty's family.

The marquess decides to take everyone home to England before any more calamities occur but Kirsty isn’t sure if she wants to go and Jack doesn’t want to see her leave.

Watch for Love


A For Love Novel - 6

Historical Romance

Samuel first saw Trinity Pruitt two years ago, when her family was touring the United States. His good friend, Marshal Jack Wilson had been tasked as their escort and Samuel had joined up with them on the way to Yellowstone in the event they ran into trouble with the Indian tribes still spread across the Western states. Trinity was a quiet but observant girl and he found himself constantly watching her and enjoying the blush that spread across her pale cheeks when she noticed. 

Trinity, having just been introduced to society a few years prior, was still quite shy, and on her third trip to the United States, was determined to let their American pluck rub off on her. She was visiting her sister Kirsty, who was expecting her first child. Kristy's husband, Jack, had been tasked with overseeing Indian affairs in Colorado and had settled with his wife and extended family at their ranch in the mountains. Settlers and the gold rush were pushing more Indians from their homelands, causing skirmishes and sometimes war between the tribes and the United States Army. Jack was supervising a group of Indian Affairs Agents in securing peace in the region and one of the agents happened to be the dark-skinned Samuel Hawk, who she’d met on her first trip to the country. Samuel wasn’t like most Americans she’d met, but quiet and watchful, with skin the color of honey and black hair that fell over shockingly blue eyes that always seemed to watch her.


Samuel was pleased to see that the young debutante he’d first met had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Though still quiet, she was confident and prone to smile, and Samuel felt a growing attraction to the English lady that had returned to America.

When an Indian raid on their settlement results in Trinity’s capture, Samuel is the only one who can gain her release, and he’s determined to see her safe, even if it costs him his life.

Sweet Melody


Contemporary Romance

High school sweethearts Clay and Anna, are getting ready to graduate. She's the sweet, girl-next-door with an amazing voice, he's the guitar-playing rebel from a broken family. They have big plans to be the next big country duo in Nashville.

Tragedy brings their happily-ever-after to a halt, until they see each other a few years later at a show in a Nashville bar. Sparks fly, but so do the secrets they've been hiding. Secrets that could tear them apart for good.